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Pump Packing / Valve Packing

Pump packing  from the highest quality graphite filament yarns or flexible graphite. Ideally suited for use in severe service applications such as valves, high-speed shafts, and reciprocating rods in petrochemical, chemical and related industries.

Style 688

Style 687

Style 686

Style 230

Style 280

Style 229

High Temperature Carbon Pump Packings

Valve and  pump packing from high quality carbon yarn, provides low coefficient of friction, high thermal conductivity, and a high chemical resistance. Suited for applications with acids, strong caustics, hot oils, steam and solvents over a wide range of non-oxidizing environments. Special lubricants can be applied that provide added protection against heat and shaft wear.

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Carbon Graphite Pump Packings both have a 0-14 PH and are1200 F.  The primary difference is that Graphite packings have a better lubricating quality.

Excellent for worn glands, for large shaft diameters, worn equipment and where large deformation of the packing is required. This unique pump packing is constructed with an elastomeric cord. Each style is designed with fibers positioned in the corners and cross braided around the cord. This breakthrough in technology provides maximum flexibility, uniform density and resiliency critical to efficient performance.


Style 240

Style 243

Style 277
278.jpg (1866 bytes)
Style 278


PTFE & Graphite Blend Packings

These low friction and thermally stable pump packings are extremely easy to install and remove, while providing superior performance and compatibility in a wide range of applications including acids, alkalis, solvents, petroleum and synthetic oils, steam and similar severe services.

Style 210

Style 244
246.jpg (2211 bytes)
Style 246


Continuous PTFE fibers are lubricated and braided, each  style is dimensionally stable and treated with a PTFE dispersion to provide a low friction braided packing that will minimize gland adjustment. Each has excellent chemical and solvent resistance for general plant applications.
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Style 231
232.jpg (1893 bytes)
Style 232
245.jpg (1844 bytes)
Style 254
276.jpg (1911 bytes)
Style 276

Novaloid Pump packings for abrasive applications

Specially designed braided packings with synthetic fibers that are excellent for non-staining, non-abrasive, and chemical resistant. Ideal for  abrasive service such as waste water and slurry applications.
248.jpg (2394 bytes)
Style 248
279.jpg (2470 bytes)
Style 279
251.jpg (2124 bytes)
Style 251

Synthetic Yarn with PTFE

Proprietary blend of braided acrylic yarn coated with PTFE. Our pump packings are manufactured to provide long-lasting service. These economical, yet proven braided packings are available with special lubricant treatments. They are designed to handle a wide range of services, including mild acids, chemicals, oils, steam, water, and air in general plant applications.

234.jpg (1584 bytes)
Style 234
235.jpg (1718 bytes)
Style 235
237.jpg (1881 bytes)
Style 237
238.jpg (1970 bytes)
Style 238

Synthetic Yarn with Graphite

Proprietary blend of braided acrylic yarn coated with Graphite. Packings are manufactured to provide long-lasting service. These economical, yet proven pump packings are available with special lubricant treatments. They are designed to handle a wide range of services, including mild acids, chemicals, oils, steam, water, and air in general plant applications.

208.jpg (2078 bytes)
Style 208
233.jpg (2096 bytes)
Style 233
236.jpg (2514 bytes)
Style 236
225.jpg (2680 bytes)
Style 225

Aramid (Kevlar) Packings

212.jpg (2055 bytes)
Style 212
214.jpg (2095 bytes)
Style 216
217.jpg (2105 bytes)
Style 217
213.jpg (1922 bytes)
Style 213

Engineered  for performance and designed for quality. Braided from aramid fiber yarn to produce a high tensile strength and abrasion resistant packing. Incorporation of PTFE or other lubricants and alternating filament material offer a wide range of styles for general plant applications in air, oil, gases, caustics and mild acids.


Jacketed Valve Stem Packings with Inconel

Designed to provide maximum valve sealing efficiency. Proprietary organic binders, glass fibers, graphite flakes and special sacrificial inhibitors compounded to meet extreme conditions. 

683.jpg (2359 bytes)
Style 683

Temperatures to 850F,
 pH Range from 2 to 12

684.jpg (2234 bytes)
Style 684

Temperatures to 1200F,
 pH Range from 1 to 12

685.jpg (2413 bytes)
Style 685

Temperatures to 1200F, 
pH Range from 0 to 14

Texturized glass / Ceramic Packings

Designed and manufactured from high quality, dense glass fibers or ceramic strands that have been processed to rigid specifications. These packings are stable, heat resistant and highly resistant to most chemicals.


132.jpg (1416 bytes)
Style 132
Round texturized glass rope
Temperatures to 1000F

162.jpg (1363 bytes)
Style 162
Twisted rope glass packing 
Temperatures to 450F

163.jpg (1715 bytes)
Style 163
Twisted rope packing  of 
proprietary glass
Temperatures to 1000F

167.jpg (2019 bytes)
Style 167
Twisted rope of 
alumina-silica ceramic 
Temperatures to 2300F

Metal Packings

Constructed from thin ribbons of low friction special alloy foils. Each is thoroughly treated with a high temperature oil and graphite. Each pump packing style offers a wide range of seal ability for specific applications in water, saturated steam, light and heavy oils, air, ammonia and gasoline's.


609.jpg (2403 bytes)
Style 609
610.jpg (1980 bytes)
Style 610
616.jpg (2591 bytes)
Style 616
631.jpg (2573 bytes)
Style 631
631.jpg (2573 bytes)
Style 632

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